edgar allan poe house and museum

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edgar allan poe house and museum
203 amity st.
baltimore, maryland 21223

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Using the money from David Poe Sr's military pension (an American Revolutionary War veteran), widow Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, her daughter, Maria Clemm, and her granddaughter, Virginia Clemm, moved into this home in 1832.

A year later (1833), Edgar Allan Poe left West Point military academy and moved into the house with his grandmother, aunt, and cousin. He was 23 years old. Three years later, Poe married Virginia Clemm (she was 13 years old at the time).

Poe completed a number of short stories and poems at this location. Today, the building is the home of the Edgar Allan Poe Society and a museum dedicated to the writer.

In 2011 (for the second year), the city of Baltimore decided not to fund the museum with its prior annual donation of $85,000. Currently, the museum is in danger of folding by the summer of 2012 unless funding is secured.

Poe House, Baltimore- photo: Mitch LeClair