culture clash records

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Tim Friedman (under short-lived anonymity) called Chris Gethard for advice about a job change. The result was the salvation of this independent music retailer.

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cafe milano

from pod save america, crooked media posted in radio by pete_nice

A hot-spot of journalists, lobbyists, diplomats, and a place "Where to Meet Wealthy, Attractive Democrats" (according to dc.eater.org).

The restaurant is oft-referenced in the podcast "Pod Save America."

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utah valley university

from home of the brave posted in radio by pete_nice

Writer/producer Scott Carrier starts teaching journalism at the Utah Valley University campus in the "Najibullah in America" episode of Home of the Brave.

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begich towers

from this american life posted in radio by pete_nice

In Episode #555 of This American Life, the third act features a story about a family that moves into this building to start a church in the basement. The majority of the town lives in this single building.

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the neighborhood

from home of the brave, scott carrier posted in radio by pete_nice

This is the address that Scott Carrier is living at when he does "The Neighborhood" episode of the Home of the Brave podcast.

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