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sound city studios

from neil young, tom petty, nirvana posted in music by pete_nice

Sound City Studios was founded in 1969 by Joe Gottfried and Tom Skeeter. It struggled financially until Gottfried purchased "a state-of-the-art recording console from Rupert Neve, a British electronics genius who built technologically advanced audio gear: one of four in the world, a 28-input, 16-bus, 24-monitor 8028 with 1085 EQs and no automation" (from wiki).

The studio would go on to record a number of legendary artists and albums: Neil Young's After the Gold Rush (1970), several Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers albums, and Nirvana, Nevermind were all recorded at Sound City.

In May 2011, the studio closed it's commercial services, and is now used privately. Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) purchased the original Neve 8078 and installed it in his home studio. In 2013, Grohl made a documentary about the location called Sound City.

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from the sopranos posted in television by chewing_the_scenery

Site of the infamous final scene in The Sopranos. Parallel park across the street, order the onion rings, focus on the good—

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lansdowne theater

from silver linings playbook posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Pat and Tiffany continue their fight from the Llanerch in front of the Lansdowne Theater on Halloween. It's actually about two and a half miles away from the diner so not really just down the street.

The theater was built in 1927 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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llanerch diner

from silver linings playbook posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Where Pat orders the Raisin Bran and Tiffany shows how crazy she is in Silver Linings Playbook.

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teddy roosevelt birthplace

from teddy roosevelt, u.s. presidents posted in history by pete_nice

The only U.S. president to be born in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt began life here on October 27, 1858.

The original Roosevelt brownstone was torn down in 1916, but has since been rebuilt to reflect the period, and is now a museum managed by the National Park Service.

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