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sigmund freud’s birthplace

from sigmund freud posted in history by crabapple

The father of modern psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (née Sigismund Schlomo Freud) was born in this house on May 6, 1856.

At that time, the young family was struggling financially and were living in a rented room in a locksmith's house. Today, the location is the Sigmund Freud Museum and is open for tours.

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jack’s music shoppe

from chasing amy posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Holden and Hooper X have a conversation about Alyssa in Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy while shopping for records at Jack's Music Shoppe in Red Bank. Banky and Holden live and work in the third floor apartment above the store.

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marina diner (closed)

from chasing amy posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

In Chasing Amy, Alyssa buys the Dyksiezski painting for Holden off the wall at the The Marina Diner (now closed) in New Jersey. Apparently the artwork is now hanging at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

The Marina Diner is also where Holden meets with Jay and Silent Bob near the end of the movie.

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the mercer hotel

from russell crowe posted in movies by tacopolis

In June of 2005, Russell Crowe came down from his suite at the Mercer Hotel to complain that his phone was unable to call Australia. Words were exchanged with the hotel employee, and Crowe threw the phone. The employee claims it hit him in the face; Crowe said it was thrown against the wall.

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beethoven house

from beethoven posted in history by pete_nice

Composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven was born in this house on December 16, 1770.

Today, it's the home to the Beethoven House museum.

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