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lansdowne theater

from silver linings playbook posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Pat and Tiffany continue their fight from the Llanerch in front of the Lansdowne Theater on Halloween. It's actually about two and a half miles away from the diner so not really just down the street.

The theater was built in 1927 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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llanerch diner

from silver linings playbook posted in movies by chewing_the_scenery

Where Pat orders the Raisin Bran and Tiffany shows how crazy she is in Silver Linings Playbook.

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teddy roosevelt birthplace

from teddy roosevelt, u.s. presidents posted in history by pete_nice

The only U.S. president to be born in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt began life here on October 27, 1858.

The original Roosevelt brownstone was torn down in 1916, but has since been rebuilt to reflect the period, and is now a museum managed by the National Park Service.

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las vegas convention center

from gorgeous george, muhammad ali posted in pro wrestling by pete_nice

In 1961, the outlandish veteran wrestler Gorgeous George (then 46) and the up-and-coming boxer Cassius Clay (then 19) both had matches at the same venue for the same promoter.

They were on the radio promoting their matches, and the boxer gave a half-hearted bravado for his fight.

Gorgeous George followed up by saying:

“I am the Gorgeous One! Not only am I the best wrestler, the most highly skilled, with the greatest technique, but I’m also the most beautiful wrestler who ever lived! ...And if that uneducated punk somehow manages to beat me, I’ll take the next jet to Russia! But that will never happen, because I am the greatest!”

Cassius (later Muhammad Ali) was inspired. He realized that this was a fight that he had to see. Later, Gorgeous George gave Ali the following advice at the convention center:

"...a lot of people will pay to see somebody shut your big mouth. So keep on bragging, keep on sassing, and always be outrageous.”

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blackstone hotel

from food history posted in history by prof_improbable

Built in 1915 as a residential hotel, this building was purchased by Vienna immigrant Charles Schimmel in 1920 and turned into the Blackstone Hotel. The luxury hotel served as a point of elegance on the Lincoln Highway, and the restaurants in the building consistently received top awards.

The Reuben sandwich was invented in at the Blackstone Hotel by Reuben Kulakofsky in 1925 (as far as one popular version of the story goes). In addition, butter brickle ice cream was invented and served at the Blackstone as well.

The location is now the Blackstone Center with a number of different shops and restaurants.

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