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people’s temple (original)

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After growing his congregation in a basement, Jim Jones moved the flock to this location of their first church. Renamed the "People's Temple," Jones organized soup kitchens and unemployment assistance for hundreds of people. He and his wife adopted eight children of several different ethnicities.

However, Jones's outspoken integration of African Americans into the conservative community caused a backlash in early 60's Indianapolis. His wife was spat on as she walked with their black child down the street.

Jones's sermons grew more fervid. He began faith-healing by removing tumors from people's bodies. These "tumors" were actually chicken livers removed by a sleight-of-hand trick, but the People's Temple believers were hooked.

When Jones thought the church should move to California to avoid a nuclear holocaust, 135 members loaded into buses and followed suit. The People's Temple had moved west...

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community unity church

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Back in 1954, Jim Jones was an up-and-coming Pentecostal-style bible thumper. After leaving the Methodist church because of their intolerance of African Americans, Jones had taken to selling monkeys door-to-door to raise money for his first ministry.

Established in 1955, the Community Unity Church rented a space for their congregation in the basement of this address. The following year, the church grew large enough for their own building at 975 N. Delaware, which became the first People's Temple.

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hoosier dome

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Before the Hoosier Dome became the RCA Dome, and before the RCA Dome imploded, Wrestlemania VIII was held at this location on April 5, 1992.

In the eighth installment of the Wrestlemania franchise, the headline was a rare double match-up. Hulk Hogan defeated Sid Justice by disqualification, and Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair.

Fun fact: After the RCA Dome (rename of the Hoosier Dome) was imploded on December 20, 2008, the canopy of the dome was recycled to make messenger bags, wallets, and clutches.

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vonnegut’s high school

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Here's his yearbook photo.

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kurt vonnegut memorial library

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Located in the The Emelie Building in Indianapolis, the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library was created to honor his legacy. The KVML holds a collection of Vonnegut photos, writings, and possessions of the famous writer. The library serves as a cultural and educational resource facility, museum, art gallery, and reading room, as well as supporting language and visual arts education through programs and outreach activities with other groups.

Admission is free, donations are accepted, and the library is open 12-5 pm daily (except Wednesday).

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