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home of joe cole & henry rollins

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Henry Rollins & Joe Cole, collectively known as "The Chosen One", lived at this address in the early 1990's.
It was here where the two friends would often hate-watch Sylvester Stallone movies.

Cole would ultimately lose his life at this location in a still unsolved murder, while Rollins narrowly escaped.

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culture clash records

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Tim Friedman (under short-lived anonymity) called Chris Gethard for advice about a job change. The result was the salvation of this independent music retailer.

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mo’s lounge

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Kim & Kelley Deal's first gig.

"The first time I ever sang a song in front of anybody was 'Carwash'"
- Kim Deal

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the magic castle

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Halley & Moonee's home.

Guests love the wonderful staff. They claim it to be very clean and they love its great location. Thanks booking.com!

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800 ellice

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White. Block. House.

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