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dorothea dix hospital

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David Sedaris tells about the time he volunteered here during the summer after the seventh grade. He says a naked elderly woman bit him on the arm.

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the eastland center

from the virgin suicides posted in literature by ajdi78

“We heard reports of the girls walking aimlessly through Eastland, down the lighted mall with its timid fountains and hot dogs impaled beneath heat lamps.”

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the heidelberg project

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The found objects displayed in this outdoor art exhibit symbolize the post riot plight of Detroit’s “Black Bottom” neighborhood. Creator Tyree Guyton is the subject of the Emmy Award Winning Documentary, Come Unto Me, the Faces of Tyree Guyton.

The Counting Crows were in town and asked to be dropped off here. They didn't realize the improbability of finding a taxi when they were ready to leave. This isn't exactly a "cab-hailing" part of town.

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