the byte shop (former)

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the byte shop (former)
1063 west el camino real
mountain view, california 94040

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This address is the former location of The Byte Shop. Owned by Paul Terrel, The Byte Shop specialized in computer supplies in the mid-70s. Terrel was a member of the Homebrew Computing Club, the same club as a young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

In 1976, the Byte Shop became the first retail location for the Apple 1 computers after the duo had demonstrated the machine at a Homebrew meeting.

Terrel ordered 50 of them, at $500 a piece, with a purchase order totaling $25,000. It was an enormous order for for the fledgling company, and Steve and Woz put their friends and neighbors to work in Jobs' garage. Early "employees" were paid $1 a board.

The parts for the Apple cost $220, while the computer was sold to Terrel for $500, who would usually put them in wooden boxes.

Ed Uthman at flickr.com