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john and peter’s place

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blarney stone

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The Blarney Stone is a piece of bluestone installed in Blarney Castle of County Cork in 1446.

According to legend, kissing the Blarney Stone will endow the kisser with the gift of gab.

According to Ween, "the Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye."

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short’s brewing company

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"What can I get you?"
"We'll have the Buckingham Green and the Argus, for starters. Could we also get the Mutilated Lips?"

This brew pub's all-Ween-song menu was conceived during an East Coast road trip while following the band on tour.

Notable omissions: the Pork Roll Egg & Cheese, the Pollo Asado, and the L.M.L.Y.P.

Current Menu

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brookridge farms

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Featured in the cover art of Pure Guava, the hippie house/commune/hillbilly mansion known as Brookridge Farm was a clubhouse for Ween as they developed as musicians and as a band.

Gene Ween used to live here, and Deaner would often visit him and other friends, including Mean Ween and Guy Heller (aka "Dickey Moist" of the Moistboyz).

Deaner played in a band named Echoes with some of the Brookridge residents. Their only material was an extended version of Pink Floyd's 1971 song "Echoes."

Note: Not sure if this is the precise spot, but I think it's pretty close. If anybody has more definitive info, much appreciated.

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the pod

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Gene and Dean Ween recorded The Pod and Pure Guava at "the Pod," a fly-ridden shack they shared on a horse farm on Van Sant Road in Solebury Township.

They recorded both albums on a Tascam 4-track, and according to Deaner, they didn't even bother buying new tapes for Pure Guava but simply recorded over demo tapes that other bands had given them on the road.

This is arguably the band's "brown"-est period- a term they devised to describe anything "f*cked up in a good way."

As their producer and sometimes bass player Andrew Weiss put it:

"...you know, stuff's always so well-orchestrated, or tries to be, when people make records, but the best sound you're gonna get out of stomp box is when the battery's right at the point of dying and it sounds like it's being strangled or something. So it's kind of like those glorious mistakes are what you're lookin' for."

(Chocolate and Cheese, Hank Shteamer, 33 1/3 books)

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