isla de encanta

from the pixies posted in music


isla de encanta
av juan ponce de león
san juan, puerto rico 00901

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Black Francis referred to Puerto Rico as "Isla de Encanta" in the song of that name, sung in Spanish about leaving the island, off the first Pixies EP Come On Pilgrim. The correct Spanish name is "Isla del Encanto" which translates to "Island of Enchantment." Charles Thompson (before he was Pixies frontman Black Francis) went to Puerto Rico as part of a six month exchange program after his stint at U-Mass. He was living in Puerto Rico when he sent Joey Santiago a letter about starting a band when he returned.

He would also draw on his experience there with a crazy roommate for the Doolittle song "Crackity Jones." The line "He got friends like Paco Picopiedra" was a reference to the voice of Fred Flintstone that roommate claimed to hear in his head, but once again Black Francis didn't quite get the Spanish right. Spanish speakers know Fred Flintstone as Pedro Picapeidra.