the edgewater hotel

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the edgewater hotel
2411 alaskan way #67
seattle, washington 98121

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posted by pete_nice #

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The Edgewater Hotel is a four-story, 223-room hotel on Pier 67 that is on Elliot Bay (part of the Puget Sound).

The Beatles stayed here on their American tour in 1964. Crazed Beatlemania fans tried to swim around a fence that had been erected to get in the hotel. There is a famous picture of the Beatles fishing out the window. Today, there is a Beatles themed suite to memorialize their stay.

This is also the home of the infamous Led Zeppelin mudshark incident, where members of the group and entourage "caught some 30 mudsharks and left them under beds, in closets, elevators, hallways, bathtubs and all over their rooms. They threw beds, TVs, mattresses, lamps, drapes, china and glassware into Elliott Bay."

Among other sordid allegations...

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The Beastie Boys were reading the Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods while they were on their first tour. They read about the Zep-"mudshark" incident and decided to stay at the Edgewater.

The Beastie Boys tried to go fishing, but by the mid-80's all of the fish were gone. So they threw all their furniture out their window and into the Puget Sound.

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