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musée mécanique (former)

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The inspiration for the once untitled 10th track on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

The band would visit this collection of arcade oddities when touring the Bay Area. On one visit, Jeff Mangum encountered a young girl who resembled the object of his obsession, Anne Frank.

The museum has moved from its Cliff House location that NMH visited to its current location in the Fisherman’s Wharf district.

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avery island

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The 1996 album On Avery Island by the band Neutral Milk Hotel refers to this location. Avery Island is the home of the McIlhenny Company headquarters (manufacturers of Tabasco sauce). Jeff Mangum and several members of the Elephant 6 collective went to high school in Ruston, Louisiana.

Avery Island is an example of a salt dome island, a type of structural dome formed when a thick bed of evaporite minerals (mainly salt, or halite) found at depth intrudes vertically into surrounding rock strata, forming a diapir (a type of intrusion). Even though this island is no longer surrounded by ocean, it is currently surrounded by bayou...so now you know.

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