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nilsson’s london flat

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This flat is one of the deadliest apartments in music history.

Owned by singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson ("Without You", "Coconut") during the 70s, the flat was close to Nilsson hangouts like Apple Records, the Playboy Club, and Tramps disco. When Nilsson was in the States, he would loan out his apartment to his network of friends.

On July 29, 1974, Cass Elliot ("Don't Call Me Mama Anymore," The Mamas and the Papas) played a particularly strenuous show at the London Palladium and returned to this apartment to rest. She died of heart failure at the age of 32. Contrary to rumors, she did not choke on a sandwich; in fact, she had lost 80 lbs from fasting four days a week, and this most likely led to her heart failure.

Four years later, the Who's drummer Keith Moon returned to the apartment from a night out on September 7, 1978. Moon had been given the drug Clomethiazole to battle his alcohol addiction. He overdosed on 32 tablets of the drug.

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