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The Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion Tour was one of the longest rock tours ever lasting 28 months from the beginning of 1991 until mid-1993. An hour and a half into their July 2, 1991 show at the Riverport Amphitheater west of St. Louis, Axl Rose repeatedly told security to confiscate the camera of someone in the front. When they didn't he dived into the crowd and then threw down the mic when he returned to the stage, ending the show and kicking off a riot in the new venue that had only been open for less than one month.

It wasn't until after GNR returned from the Europe leg of their tour the following year that Axl was arrested on assault and property damage charges. A second riot took place in 1992 after a show in Montreal when the band was on tour with Metallica and Faith No More.

Watch footage of the St. Louis incident here.

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