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171a studios (former)

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Originally started as a place for North Carolina punk band Th' Cigaretz to live and rehearse. Guitarist/vocalist Jerry Williams and drummer Scott Jarvis eventually were the only ones still living there when they transformed the squat into a club/rehearsal space/recording studio. The Bad Brains recorded their first album here, which was eventually released by ROIR cassettes. The people who pass through those doors are legend. Days never to be seen again on this orb.

In the picture, you can see Jerry Williams RIP on the left, in the middle of the doorway, blonde hair.

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171a studios (former)

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In September of 1980, Jerry Williams opened up 171-A Studio. A former glass shop, Williams put in a stage and a sound booth and threw after hours parties with bands (like The Cooties). The NYFD closed it down before a New Year's party, so it was converted to a rehearsal space.

The space had 15' ceilings and was 60' long, so the dimensions were similar to CBGB's. Bad Brains recorded their original ROIR tape at this location in 1981.

In 1982, the Beastie Boys recorded the Polly Wog Stew EP here with producer Scott Jarvis (later released on Some Old Bulllshit). Utilizing a four-track and an Echo-plex, they were kicked out of the studio after two days so they mixed it in Jarvis's apartment.

The original line-up was Kate Schellenbach on drums (later in Luscious Jackson), Adam Yauch on bass, John Berry on guitar, and Mike D vocals.

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