cannon beach

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cannon beach
center st and s pacific st
cannon beach, oregon 97145

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There are several scenes that were filmed on Cannon Beach for the classic 1985 adventure movie The Goonies.

During the intro credits, the Fratellis escape the police by switching to "ORV" (off-road vehicle) and joining the race on the beach.

Cannon Beach is also where the Goonies emerge from One-Eyed Willie's treasure cave, are reunited with their families, and save the Goondocks.

Interestingly, Haystack Rock (located off of Cannon Beach) is 235 feet tall and is considered the third largest monolith in the world.

cannon beach

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The large outcropping from the beach, called Haystack Rock, appears in the background as the Goonies approach the Lighthouse Lounge.

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