canaima national park

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canaima national park

canaima national park, venezuela

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Canaima National Park in south-eastern Venezuela was the inspiration for Paradise Falls in Disney/Pixar's Up. The filmmakers visited Angel Falls and the table-top mountains called tepuis when doing research for the movie. Tepui means "House of the Gods" in the local Pémon language. The largest tepui, in the western end of the park, is Auyantepui which translates to “House of the Devil” or "Devil's Mountain." Angel Falls though, the world's highest waterfall which drops over the edge of Auyantepui, was named after American Jimmie Angel who was the first person to fly over the waterfall in 1933. He crashed his plane when returning to the falls in 1937, and his 11 day survival before he found help was such a big deal in Venezuela that the Venezuelan government named the falls after him.

Angel Falls (photo: Erik Cleves Kristensen)