wayne’s house

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Wayne's World is set in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, but Wayne's house from the 1992 movie is here in Van Nuys. Garth's house, apparently renovated since filming, is right across the street.

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landmark mall

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Some (or maybe all... who knows) of Wonder Woman’s upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984 was filmed at Alexandria, Virginia’s Landmark Mall. Perhaps I’ll update this with more info when the movie (or a trailer) comes out, but then again probably not.

The Landmark Mall has been closed for renovations since 2017.

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liberty motel

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The Aloha Motel outside of New Orleans was dressed to appear as the Liberty Motel where Logan first meets Laura / X-23 in 2017’s Wolverine movie Logan. The building’s signage recontextualizes Professor X’s statement about the Statue of Liberty earlier in the film which just sounded at the time like a confused old man ruminating about the adventures in the first X-men movie.

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the magic castle

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Halley & Moonee's home.

Guests love the wonderful staff. They claim it to be very clean and they love its great location. Thanks booking.com!

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nathan bateman’s house

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For 1750 Norwegian Kroner (roughly $200) you can spend a night in the home of Ex Machina’s reclusive tech billionaire Nathan Bateman.

The Juvet Landscape Hotel features nine stand-alone rooms designed to feel integrated into the natural environment along with a spa area, a farmhouse for large gatherings and (as far as I know) no scheming, murderous A.I.

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