london chancery building

from j. g. ballard, eero saarinen posted in literature


london chancery building
24 grosvenor square
greater london, united kingdom w1a 1ae

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He sat forward with surprise, pointing through the open window at the graceful beehive curtain-wall of the American Embassy, answering his question.

The driver noticed his interest, flicked away his cigarette. ‘Funny style of place,’ he commented. ‘Can’t understand the Yanks putting up a dump like that.’

‘Do you think so?’ Dr Jamieson asked. ‘Not many people would agree with you.’

The driver laughed. ‘You’re wrong there, mister. I never heard a good word for it yet.’ He shrugged, deciding not to offend his passenger. ‘Still, maybe it’s just ahead of its time.’

Dr Jamieson smiled thinly at this. ‘That’s about it,’ he said, more to himself than to the driver. ‘Let’s say about thirty-five years ahead. They’ll think very highly of it then.’

"The Gentle Assassin", J. G. Ballard

U.S. Chancery Building in London (Gabriel Jorby)

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J. G. Ballard wrote the time travel story "The Gentle Assassin" in 1961 and was prescient about the eventual reception of this Eero Saarinen-designed building. It has since been recognized as a Modernist classic.

In December 2017 the U.S. Embassy left this location for its new address in Nine Elms, London.