faneuil hall

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faneuil hall
1 faneuil hall sq
boston, massachusetts 02109

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Built by wealthy merchat Peter Faneuil in 1742 as a center of commerce, Faneuil Hall has since been dubbed the Cradle of Liberty for its role in a number of political and historical events.

While the first floor still contains numerous shops, the second floor meeting room is where American patriots first coined the phrase "no taxation without representation" in response to the Sugar and Stamp Tax Acts.

It's also where Samuel Adams railed against British occupation during the American Revolution, and where the funeral was held for victims of the Boston Massacre (also planned by Samuel Adams).

Today, Faneuil Hall is part of the Boston Freedom Trail.

Faneuil Hall, 1972- photo: Roger Wallstadt

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Faneuil Hall has a bronze stature of Samuel Adams on its Congress Street side. The statue portrays the Revolutionary patriot, just after demanding that Governor Hutchinson immediately remove the British troops from Boston after the Boston Massacre.

photo: Kimberly Vardeman
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