carhenge, omaha (the movie)

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Located near the town of Alliance, NE, Carhenge is a Midwestern sculptural interpretation/homage to the famous Stonehenge of Britain. Made out of cars that have set upright and painted a slate gray, the 10-acre art installation features a number of different large scale metal sculptures including a Spawning Salmon, a dinosaur, and upright multi-colored cars representing the different stages of a wheat crop.

Carhenge was also featured in the seldom seen (but thoroughly awesome) Omaha (The Movie). The film features roving gangs of kick-boxers from Des Moines as the villains, and the movie broke the 4th-wall-of-documentary trope long before The Office.

For those looking to purchase a piece of Americana art, Carhenge went up for sale in October of 2011. Price tag: $300,000.

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