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Here are some locations from the life and tv series of Louis C.K. and FX series, Louie.

comedy cellar

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Louis C.K. shot the stand-up interludes for his tv show Louie at the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. If you want to eat like he does in the show's opening, you can stuff your face with a slice at Ben's Pizzeria around the corner on 3rd Street and MacDougal.

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west fourth street – washington square

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The West Fourth Street stop opened on September 10, 1932, as part of the first line of the Independent Subway System (IND).

Today, it is part of the NYC transit system, and was added to the NRHP on March 30, 2005. Nearby points of interest include Washington Square Park, West Fourth Street Courts, West Village, and New York University.

This is where Louis C.K. exits the subway station in the title sequence of the tv show, Louie.

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carolines on broadway

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Caroline Hirsch opened up a cabaret in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York in 1981. The comedians she booked were her most popular draw, so she started booking them exclusively.

After moving to a couple of locations, Carolines on Broadway (sic) opened at this location in 1992. Billing itself as "America's Premiere Comedy Nightclub," the list of comedians who have played Carolines is pretty extensive.

Notably, Bill Hicks gave his last performance at Carolines in January 1994 (before he died of cancer).

Louis C.K. often features Carolines as a filming location for the TV series, Louie.

I don't know why they don't put the apostrophe in the name. That's just how they spell it.

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pabst theater

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Louis C.K.'s aptly-named stand-up special Hilarious was filmed at this location in 2010. Louis C.K. did the writing, performing, directing, and editing of this live performance (as he does with his FX TV series Louie). This show was nominated for two Primetime Emmys (Editing for a Special, and Writing for a Special), of which Louis C.K. was the recipient of both nominations.

"You are sitting in a chair in the sky! You are basically a Greek myth!" (on his disbelief that people complain about flying)

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berklee performance center

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Louis C.K. filmed his stand-up special Chewed Up here in 2008.

He received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Special.

The performance was dedicated to George Carlin, and "my two girls, who are simply the two greatest living people that I know on the planet."

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