city: beverly hills

susan berman’s house

from the jinx (2015) posted in television by crabapple

In the HBO series The Jinx, the good friend to Robert Durst during his troubles around his wife's disappearance in the early 80's was journalist/crime writer Susan Berman.

Berman was killed in her rented home (at this address) on December 23, 2000. A note was sent to the Beverley (sic) Hills Police that notified them off a "cadaver" in a handwriting very similar to Robert Durst's other pieces of mail.

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the beverly hills hotel

from the eagles posted in music by nevereatshreddedwheat

I won't attempt to unpack the meaning of The Eagles' Hotel California, but I will point out that the hotel on the album cover is the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

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greystone mansion

from eraserhead, the big lebowski, there will be blood posted in movies by pete_nice

Completed in 1928, the Greystone Mansion is a piece of Hollywood history. Originally given to the son of an oil tycoon, the property changed hands until it was on the National Register of Historic Places.

The American Film Institute leased the property for $1 a year from 1965 to 1982, during which time several films were shot here.

David Lynch shot scenes for Eraserhead at this location, as were scenes from the Coen Bros. fllm The Big Lebowski.

P.T. Anderson refurbished the bowling alley in the basement for the climax of the film There Will Be Blood. Interestingly, the film was a fictionalized version of Upton Sinclair's book Oil!, which is based on the life of the oil tycoon (Edward L. Doheny) who built the property.

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nate and al’s

from comedians in cars getting coffee, jerry seinfeld posted in television by crabapple

Jerry and Bob Einstein round out their day by heading over to Nate and Al's to argue about how to distribute sandwich portions in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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where bugsy siegel was gunned down

from bugsy (1991) posted in movies by tacopolis

American mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel started the Las Vegas strip in 1946 by building the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. The hotel closed later that year, only to reopen in 1947.

On June 20, 1947, Bugsy was sitting in the living room of his girlfriend's house reading the Los Angeles Times. A car pulled into the driveway, and fired an M-1 carbine through the window. Bugsy was shot several times, including twice in the head.

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